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Bob Kansky



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics, Higher Ed: Education 


Professional Preparation

The Florida State University, BS, Mathematics Education, 1959
The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, MA, Mathematics, 1962
The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, PhD, Education, 1969 (Dissertation Advisor: Max Beberman)

Professional Experience

Director/co-director, $7.2 million in government and private agency grants since 1990
Research Professor of Natural Sciences, University of Wyoming, 2000 -
Professor of Mathematics Education, Department of Teacher Education, Miami University, Oxford, OH, 1990-2000
Associate Executive Director, National Alliance of State Science and Mathematics Coalitions, Washington, DC, 1997-2000
Associate Executive Director for Outreach, Mathematical Sciences Education Board, National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC, 1989-1994
Professor, Educational Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education, Texas A&M University, l985-89
Associate Professor and Professor, Mathematics and Mathematics Education, The University of Wyoming, 1972 84
Instructional Computing Consultant, Control Data Corporation, University of the Western Cape, Belleville, South Africa, 1981 1982
Visiting Professor Assignments: Consultant, Portuguese Ministry of Education, Lisbon, Portugal, Fall 1984; Center for Instructional Applications of Computers, University of Illinois, 1978 1979 (Sabbatical); Department of Mathematics, Northern Arizona University, Summer 1975; Department of Secondary Education, University of Illinois, Summer 1973; Consultant, Puerto Rican Department of Education, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Summer 1972
Assistant and Associate Professor, Mathematics Education, The Florida State University, 1966 1971
Staff writer and laboratory school instructor, University of Illinois Committee on School Mathematics, The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 1962 1966
Mathematics Instructor, Melbourne High School, Melbourne, Florida, 1959 1961 


-- Preparation and professional development of teachers of mathematics (including the design and testing of new programs of teacher preparation)
-- Design and servicing of business-education-policy coalitions for the purpose improving state-level P-16 programs of mathematics education 


Selected Publications

Making the transition from high school to college: Mathematics. Laramie, WY: Wyoming P-16 Education Council, 2008.

Effective professional development: What Research Says to School Administrators, Professional Development Providers, and Professional Development Participants. (A three-brochure series developed for the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics). Vernon Hills, IL: ETA Cuisenaire, 2007.

(With Donahue, J.) An American Imperative: Transforming the Recruitment, Retention, and Renewal of P-12 Teachers of Mathematics and Science. Washington, DC: Business-Higher Education Forum, 2007.

(With Stepans, J., Reins, K., Schmidt, D. L., & Welsh, K. M.) Teaching for K-12 Mathematical Understanding Using the Conceptual Change Model. St. Cloud, MN: Saiwood Press, 2005.

(With Donahue, J.) A Commitment to America' Future: Responding to the Crisis in Mathematics and Science Education. Washington, DC: Business-Higher Education Forum, February 2005

(With Donahue, J.) Handbook for a Commitment to America' Future: A Toolkit for Leaders of State-level P-16 Councils. Washington, DC: Business-Higher Education Forum, March 2005

(With Donahue, J.) Optimizing Corporate Investments in Mathematics and Science Education (a corporate funding plan prepared for Agilent Corporation). Washington, DC: National Alliance of Business, 2002

(With Armstrong, J.) Stages of Infrastructure Development of a High-Performance Education System: An Instrument for Assessing the Status and Change of a State's System of Mathematics and Science, Education, published jointly by the Education Commission of the States and the National Alliance of State Science and Mathematics Coalitions, 1999

(With Lynds, B. T.) Project SkyMath: Building the mathematical foundations of Earth observations. Proceedings of the 1998 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium. Piscataway, NJ: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1998

Insights from Research: The Need for State-level Reform Infrastructure. Washington, DC: National Alliance of State Science and Mathematics Coalitions, 1998

Creating a Climate for Change ... Math Leads the Way (videotape and guide). Washington, DC: Annenberg Foundation/Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 1994

Math news: A Newspaper in Education Guide for the New Math Standards. Reston, VA: Newspaper Association of America Foundation, 1994

Math is Front-page Stuff ... It's Half the News (a USA Today Teaching Guide). Alexandria, VA: Gannett Publishing Co., Inc., 1993

MENTOR: Content and Technical Design Specifications for a Visual Library of Professional Growth Experiences in the Teaching of Mathematics, Washington, DC: Annenberg Foundation/Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 1993