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John Smithson



  • Researcher 


John L. Smithson is a research associate at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, where he has worked for the past ten years on developing indicators of classroom practice and instructional content.

He has worked on several federal and state funded research projects investigating changes in classroom instruction based upon various reform initiatives. Studies that he has participated in include the CPRE studies: Reform-Up-Close; A classroom analysis, and the Upgrading Mathematics Project.

More recently he has worked with a group of states under the auspices of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) to develop, field-test, manage and analyze survey measures of classroom practice. He is also directing the development of a CD-ROM-based resource for science educators and assessment professionals for CCSSO. 


Measaures of Enacted Curriculum, Alignment Analyses, Data Use in Schools 


Porter, A.C., Polikoff, M.S. & Smithson, J.L. (2009). Is there a de facto national intended curriculum? Evidence from state content standards. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 31(3), 238-268.

Porter, A.C., Smithson, J.L., Blank, R., Zeidner, T. (2006). Alignment as a Teacher Variable. Applied Measurement in Education.

Smithson, J.L. & Blank, R.K. (2006). Indicators of Quality of Teacher Professional Development and Instructional Change Using Data from Surveys of Enacted Curriculum: Findings from NSF MSP-RETA Project. Washington, DC: Council of Chief State School Officers.