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Does Teacher Professional Development Have Effects on Teaching and Learning?


"CCSSO, with a grant from the National Science Foundation, conducted a two-year study of the quality and effects of teacher professional development programs in mathematics and science. CCSSO examined evidence from 25 nominated programs across 14 states, including 41 evaluation reports.

Key findings of the CCSSO cross-state analysis are: One-third of the evaluation studies reported measurable effects on improved student outcomes, increased teacher knowledge or change in instructional practices.

Three key program design characteristics in effective programs are: a) Focus on subject content and pedagogical knowledge, b) In-school follow-up and technical assistance with teachers, and c) Coherence of professional development with standards and curriculum.

Evaluations showing measurable effects used scientific study designs, included treatment and control groups of teachers, and used well-tested instruments.

The paper provides recommendations in key areas for state action based on the findings analysis."