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Use of Online Survey and Reporting Tools in Evaluation: CCSSO Workshop with Math-Science Leaders and Researchers


To assist states, districts, and higher education institutions with the evaluation of Math-Science Partnership programs, CCSSO joined with experts from the American Institutes for Research and the Wisconsin Center for Education Research to conduct a hands-on workshop for 40 educator leaders and researchers on February 2, 2005, in Washington, DC.

Through a grant from the National Science Foundation, CCSSO is beginning the third year of a longitudinal study to test and demonstrate the use of survey data tools to analyze the quality of professional development being provided to math and science teachers. Part of CCSSO's role in the project is to provide training and technical assistance to state education leaders on how to access and use the new data tools.

The study team presented initial study findings and demonstrated the new web-based Surveys of Enacted Curriculum System, which analyzes effects of professional development on improving instruction. The team also introduced a new web-based Professional Development Activity Log, which helps leaders to track the amount and quality of professional development received by teachers.

For further information on the workshop and the data tools, visit the CCSSO website at, or contact Rolf Blank, director of education indicators.